Raised in a village community with almost no fun activities around, NMEE (Nemanja Maksimović) started making music on an old PC around the age of 10, after 3 months of unsuccessful guitar lessons.

NMEE’s musical tastes were mostly formed thanks to artists such as Apex Twin, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Flume, Flying Lotus, Nils Frahm, Sam Gellaitry, Dead Can Dance, Juno Reactor and various hip hop, rock, jazz, and electronic musicians.

His inspiration draws on daily bike rides through the woods, nearby lakes and rivers, and daily drives to his school at the city of Belgrade, Serbia. It is in Belgrade he met the underground producers and musicians who motivated him to make music with even greater passion, understanding, and commitment.

NMEE is a SAE Institute student majoring in Audio Production and is currently residing in Dunedin, Florida.